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Houze of Herron

Every brand has a story, and ours comes from somewhere you wouldn’t expect. It comes from a little girl who grew up without the structure or direction she needed to achieve her dreams. The wrong environment took her in a direction where it seemed normal to never dream of being your own boss; or to even dream at all. Over time things began to change inside her. A loved one saw in her something she couldn’t see herself and a seed was planted that one day would fully blossom into something powerful. She’d lost sight of her dreams, but she discovered that if she began to reach for them they would come right back into view.

That’s how my story began, and it’s what made me the woman I am today. I’m powerful, determined, and motivated to provide for my 5 beautiful children in a truly meaningful way. I’ve had many setbacks along the way — like a business that failed and forced me to restart — but I’ve never stopped fighting. The love I have for my children has been what’s driven me forward, but a force higher than myself is what’s kept me going. My boutique was birthed during a time of scarcity, fear and loss, but it was my hope deep within that kept me going. I knew deep down that I could do something I truly enjoyed.

I let my entrepreneurial spirit loose, harnessed my creativity, and showed the world my love for empowering fashion. In that moment Houze of Herron was born, and I haven’t looked back since. It’s a boutique that tells my story, and the pieces we produce will help you tell yours.

Life is just better that way.

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